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Company Name:Bellhaven Yacht Sales Update
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Bellhaven, Wa 98225
Tel: 360-733-6636 
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Rating: one star Reviewer:   Cuneyt Havlioglu   01-Apr-09

Comment: Bellhaven folks have no business ethics, they are hard to deal with, and they have no customer service. The sailboat I chartered from Bellhaven had unfixable engine problems 3 hours into our trip. I know such things happen with boats - I have been sailing for over 10 years. Fighting with currents and waves I was able to get a tow and safely take the boat to a closeby marina. When I talked to them on the phone they said the trip is over from their perspective and they will reimburse us for the remainder of the trip. However they did everthing they could to not reimburse me. After long conversations and email threads of fighting they sent me a check that they considered "fair". I would be happy with any settlement if we were able to have a decent and reasonable conversation about it. But Bellhaven personel was nowhere close to that. There are so many other well established charter companies around San Juan Islands, which I have chartered with. I recommend staying away from Bellhaven, because if anything goes wrong you will have hard time talking to them.

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